• Albania
    Albania Overview

    Albania is slowly revealing its historic sites and beautiful scenery to visitors after the fall of its communist government in the 1990s. The country is wonderfully unspoilt and contains many Byzantine remains and wonderfully preserved towns including the highly regarded Berat which has its origins in the 3rd century BC and where visitors will see white Ottoman houses rising up the hill to the town's castle.

    Albania's Ionian Coast offers pristine beaches with charming waterfront towns. Saranda is particuarly notable for its waterfront promenade and beautiful weather and has over 290 days of sunshine per year. Saranda is less than 10 miles from Corfu and only a short distance from the UNESCO world heritage site of Butrint.

    Tirana, the capital of Albania, is a vibrant city with a lively night life and many interesting historic sites.

    Overall Albania is a friendly country with wonderful cuisine, cultured people and hundreds of historic sites spanning the rich history of this country.

Tour: Cultural Landscapes of Albania & Macedonia

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